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Improving Your Impact and Image With Sustainable Practices


When starting a business, it's easy to get lost in the details of making your startup successful while neglecting your effect on the world around you. Adopting sustainable practices for your company is a great way to reduce costs, help the environment, and give your organization a caring reputation. Read on for some pointers from the Central Bradford County Chamber of Commerce.


Understanding the Benefits of Sustainability


A sustainable business plan will save you money in the long run. The ability to reuse materials reduces your need to make constant repetitive purchases, and biodegradable materials can be disposed of in a way that subverts any waste management costs you may have.


These practices are also better for the immediate and global environment. Using non-renewable and non-reusable materials covers landfills with irreplaceable matter or pollutes areas with litter or fumes. Sustainable business practices help to maintain the health and viability of all aspects of life, not just production.


Conscientious and environmentally-friendly habits also show customers that your company has virtuous values. CustomerThink notes that a client is more likely to patronize your organization with the presence of some kind of "going green" initiative, both for the actual societal benefits and for the image it gives them to do so. Going green isn't just good for the environment, it's good for business!


Executing Your Idea Sustainably


Waiting for your situation to be perfect is a great way to ensure your venture will never get off the ground. Once you have a decent business plan, the best way to execute the idea is to "just do it," worrying about the specifics as you go. For example, you don't need to know the benefits of a limited liability company before writing your plan, as you can educate yourself on its protections and tax benefits when they become relevant. An LLC formation company can take the stress of that learning curve off your plate entirely, often handling the process for a lower fee than a lawyer might charge. 


There are plenty of ways to make your company sustainable without sacrificing profit or productivity. Recycled and recyclable materials are often comparably priced to their single-use counterparts. Recycling services also tend to be a similar price to general waste management. The only real additional commitment is the effort to process these materials in the proper manner, which is not an insurmountable task if the entire workforce is on board.


Align points out that eliminating redundancy can also cut down on the waste and consumption of your venture. Investigate which parts of your process are wasting time, effort, and resources. Streamlining your processes and striving for a zero-waste procedure will save you money while reducing your environmental impact.


Marketing Your Business’s Green Efforts


To draw in eco-conscious customers, you’ll need to let the public know what actions you’re taking to do your part for the planet. Update your social media channels, email newsletters, and website with information about what specifically you and your team have been working on in an effort to be more eco-friendly.


If creating marketing materials isn’t your strong suit, working with a graphic designer is a worthwhile investment for bringing your vision to life. You can send your ideas back and forth via JPG files, but keep in mind if you compress them to make them easier to send, you risk losing photo quality. The best solution is to convert your JPG to a PDF before sending it, which reduces the file size without compromising image quality.


Going Paperless


Lastly, an interconnected and online working world is no place for piles of documents and manifests. Paperless business practices will not only save you a considerable amount of money, but can also help to keep information more secure and accessible from anywhere you may find yourself. For instance, electronic invoices can be sent and saved more quickly and easily than physical ones, save material costs on paper, stamps, envelopes, and ink, and can be backed up to a server for easy access in the event a debt is disputed or ignored.


Making your practices more sustainable is a manageable and beneficial practice for any company. Sending electronic invoices, reducing waste, and finding ways to reuse and recycle when possible are great ways to improve your venture's viability, environmental impact, and public image.


Become a member of the Central Bradford County Chamber of Commerce to watch your business grow in our community — and beyond!

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